• Author: Administrator
  • Created: 8th March 2017
  • Updated: 1st May 2017
Route type: Bridleway/Cycling/Walking Trail
Difficulty grade: Moderate
Disabled Friendly: Large Scooters
  • Distance 7 miles
  • Time 2 h 54 min
  • Speed 2 mph
  • Min altitude 98 ft
  • Peak 338 ft
  • Climb 551 ft
  • Descent 554 ft

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  • Distance Instructions

This is a great cycling trail over fairly flat terrain and certainly a trail that you can spend sometime exploring. On the whole the trail is flat and easy to navigate but there are a few slopes along the way. At the start of the trail are old mine waste areas to either side with rough, loose rocks and rubble. If you’re into cross country adventure then this is a great place but it would be very advisable to wear protective kit.

The trail skirts the villages but a quick turn off the trail will take you into Carharrack – to buy some food and supplies for a picnic.

Keep an eye out for various message boards that are on the trail that tell you about certain features to look out for and explain what used to happen where you’re stood. There are also lots of old mining features along the way that are not always obvious to see.

A great place to stop off half way round is the Fox and Hounds at Comford.

1. Start/End leave Devoran/Portreath Trail

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: Rose Cottage, Twelveheads, Truro TR4 8SH, UK

Leave the Devoran / Portreath Trail

2. Join Redruth/Chasewater Trail

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: 1 Woodlands, Twelveheads, Truro TR4 8SJ, UK

3. Location #4

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: B3298, Carharrack, Redruth TR16, UK

4. Left on to footpath

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: B3298, Redruth TR16, UK

5. Left on to footpath

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: 2 Sunny Corner, Redruth TR4 8SE, UK

6. Rejoin Redruth/Chasewater Trail

Altitude: 0 ft
Address: 59 Sparry Ln, Carharrack, Redruth TR16, UK