All our trails provide suitable routes for walking and many are for walkers only. They incorporate public footpaths, bridleways and other multi-use trails. Occasionally it will be necessary to use roads but we have tried to keep roadwork to a minimum and where possible to little used country roads. If you feel like more of a challenge then why not try The Big Trail.

Easy Trails

Our easy trails are not only over gentle ground but are also not too long. As a rule of thumb, easy trails should allow you to push a wheelchair around quite comfortably.

Moderate Trails

Moderate trails are those that are over tougher terrain but not too difficult. They are also not usually up steep hills or too long in distance. As a marker we have estimated that they would be fine for mum, dad and two children. Most of these trails should be able to be done by a scooter but not all so do double check.

Challenging Trails

The tough trails are generally over a much harder terrain - obviously we are not talking cross country but certainly the ground is rocky, goes up very steep inclines and these trails are a lot longer. We suggest they are for walkers with sturdy footwear. Definitely not able to be navigated by scooter.