About Us

Exploring the mid Cornwall mining villages area using the old mineral tramway routes is a safe and fun way to experience both our industrial heritage and our open countryside. Most of these trails, however, are linear and very often your return journey will pass by the villages themselves and other points which are intrinsically interesting and have the bonus of offering food and drink to sustain you on your adventure.

This web site suggests various circular detours off the main trails to enable you to sample what the mining villages have to offer. In particular keep your eye open for our “hidden gems” – unusual, enlightening, amusing or just strange – things you might otherwise miss.

Most of these village trails use footpaths. We have, though, devised a map covering the whole area giving ideas for circular outings on bicycle or horse. By weaving together these adjoining circular trails you can create a vast number of different circular routes for half or whole day outings. Because they seek to connect bridleways and byways there is inevitably times when on-road travel is called for. Where this happens we have tried to use roads which are not subject to too much traffic but this is sometimes unavoidable. With pre-planning though you can in most instances work your route to avoid roads if you don’t mind travelling a little back and forth on the same trails.

For those into genealogy, you can also find a map here linking the historic churchyards of the area. This route is, by its very nature, one best undertaken by road only. Details of each of the old churchyards (and some more recent cemeteries) can be found on our sister site: